Server Rollback
26 Feb 2017
We will be having a server rollback to fix bugs and a few other issues. Time: 6 AM Server Time Duration: 1-2 ...
[Upgrade Items] New ItemMall Category
18 Feb 2017
Upgrade Items: Lapis Recreation Enchanting
Boosting Event
6 Feb 2017
Both Factions players will be boosted to Lv.60 4:00 AM server time (GMT +1)   Duration: 4 ...
Great video from one of our staff members , ...
29 Jan 2017
  For the Link to the video copy and paste the following url to your browser address ...

Patch Notes

January 19, 2017
19 Jan 2017
Added Guards via DD1 and Jungle, Added "PvP Boss Gate Keeper"
January 16, 2017
16 Jan 2017
Added via website section "Drop Finder" Voting system has been modified. Receive 4 SP each valide vote ...
January 14, 2017
14 Jan 2017
Website graphic improvements In-game Oblivion Insula is now open all day 24/7 (Only for party of 2~30 ...


RelicWar 5AM Server Time
Description of the Event: Both factions will fight to get control of the altars at D-Water Borderland. The faction ...
Naked Jail PvP 5AM Server Time
Rules of the Event: No gears allowed. Lv60 weapon for all players. Cape and accesories allowed. No ...
Last Man Standing Event in Kanos at 5:30AM server ...
Description of the event: Both factions will be transported to Kanos. In the middle of the map, GMs will ...

Server Information

   Game Server: ONLINE
   GRB Schedule: Every Friday, 9PM
   Episode 4.5 Classic Server
   EXP Rate: x30 | KILL Rate: x1
   NO Custom Items
   Removed Debuff Lapis, Lucky Charm, KO
   Max Lapis Lv6, Elemental Lv2
   Auto Renew 30 Days Consumables
   FREE Loot Box
   FREE Shaiya Points by vote system
   PvP, Farming and Boss Hunting
   DDoS Protected Server
   And a lot more...

Boss Timer

Boss Name Death Time Respawn Time
Kimuraku04/23 20:09
Seraphim04/23 10:00
Dios Exiel04/22 08:51
Freezing M.04/19 05:54
Haruhion04/16 02:06

Shout Box

Dionim Luxury Bracelets